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Are You Living Life In Overdrive?

Are you struggling with the destination/journey challenge? You have a clear destination for your career and the drive to get there, but you’ve forgotten how to enjoy the ride?

Nearly every leader I know faces this dilemma. And when our ambition goes into overdrive, it seems like everything – and everyone – else around us suffers.

I was in this same spot several years ago. I’m here to tell you it’s OK to be a destination leader, but it can’t be all you’re about. There’s so much more to lifeAnd if you’re missing it, something needs to change.

After too many years of focusing only on the destination, I’ve discovered a new way to live and lead that has made all the difference. It starts with a journey mindset.

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Your leadership roadmap for achieving success and finding significance

In Leading Through the Turn, you’ll discover what it means to become a destination leader with a journey mindset. You’ll learn how to transform your approach to business and life, finding the success and significance you deserve. I also share:

  • Dozens of hard-won leadership lessons
  • Practical advice on how to drive for success while living a full life
  • Actionable insights from well-known business leaders
  • Tips for overcoming your fears and leading courageously
  • Stories from my motorcycling adventures that will inspire and motivate you.
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About Me

Hi, I’m Elise Mitchell. For years, I wrestled with the tension between work and life, and thought I had to choose between the two. Maybe you’ve wondered that, too.

My 24/7 focus on work showed me the up-close-and-personal toll a destination focus can take over time – not just on you but on those you love.

The good news is this: There is a better way to live and lead. Become a destination leader with a journey mindset. Someone who is still very focused on reaching goals but who now also understands life is meant to be savored and experienced.

Today, I share the journey-mindset message around the world through speaking engagements, working with leaders in the trenches, and sharing my personal experiences in articles and interviews.

Now I’ve pulled all the best stuff together in one place and written a book with you in mind. Your new journey can start today. The road is ready. Won’t you join me?

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    Are you stuck on a difficult decision?

    When we face the most complex and critical decisions as a leader, we need the right tools to help us get the job done. The most successful leaders have put a few fundamentals in place.

    This guide includes a step-by step process for effective decision-making as well as two hands-on resources to help you make the toughest calls.


    What does it take to win as an entrepreneur?

    As a entrepreneur, you will face many different challenges throughout the course of your leadership journey. Long hours, pressure, failure, loneliness are just a few. But once you’ve tasted the freedom and rewards of entrepreneurship, it becomes an irresistible siren’s song.

    This guide details six essential qualities of successful entrepreneurs and how embracing those qualities can help you drive your business forward.


    Are you living with purpose?

    Or do you wonder if what you do matters? When we are purpose-driven, we find greater joy in our work, even when it’s hard. Our purpose fuels us for the journey, no matter what obstacles, crossroads or detours we face. Ultimately, purpose can help us find a higher calling for our leadership.

    This guide will help you gain clarity about your purpose and the kind of life you want to lead. Two practical exercises take you through a very personal thought process, enabling you to write your own Purpose Statement.


    Discover how you can live a richer, fuller life.

    After too many years of focusing only on the destination, I’ve discovered a new way to live and lead. It starts with a journey mindset, and that has made all the difference. In this guide, I share seven proven practices that will inspire you to:

    • Accelerate toward your goals while being fully present on the journey
    • Reach the higher calling of leadership – and of course
    • Enjoy the ride

    We live in a rapidly changing world.

    The pace of change has never been greater, and its impact on organizations never more significant. As a leader, it’s your job to manage through change and leverage the opportunities change can present.

    This guide is a roadmap with five questions to help you and your team navigate the challenges you’re facing and develop a game plan for moving forward. It also includes a worksheet to chart your answers.

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