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Leading Through the Turn

Are you a destination leader? Someone who is so focused on reaching your goals that you've forgotten how to enjoy the ride? That was me for too many years, until I almost hit the wall in my personal and professional life. 

The good news is, I found a better way.  I became a destination leader with a journey mindset, and that changed everything.  In my book, "Leading Through the Turn," I share all the secrets of how I made this life-changing shift -- and how you can do it too.  Discover how leaders like you can find greater success and significance by looking and leading through the turn.

Please join me for the  ride of your life.
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"No matter where you are on your leadership journey, you'll want to read 'Leading Through the Turn.' " 


Journey-Minded Leadership

Learn the secret to becoming a destination leader with a journey mindset. Find inspiring stories, interviews with well-known business executives and more than 50 practical leadership lessons including:

The strategies behind our company's ability to grow more than 500% in five years
A blueprint for establishing a compelling culture that attracts top talent
How to find deeper purpose in your leadership
Techniques for driving change and gaining buy-in
How to establish an innovation process and mindset

Searching for a better way to lead?
Your journey begins now.

Leading Through The Turn
"No matter where you are on your leadership journey, you'll want to read Leading Through the Turn. Elise's story is both inspiring and thought-provoking. She walks us step by step through her own evolution as a leader and the many practical lessons learned along the way. Through her remarkable experiences, she has emerged with a new perspective on leadership that breaks through the shallow definitions of the past, painting a far more compelling picture of what a satisfying leadership experience looks like."

John C. Maxwell

New York Times Best Selling Author, 
Speaker and Leadership Expert
"Leadership is far more than just achieving the traditional marks of success. It's about finding true significance in what we do. Leading Through the Turn will make you rethink your purpose and redefine your destination. Elise teaches us that the journey isn't just a means to an end; it's something to be savored and experienced. A must-read for every leader today."

John Addison

Former Co-CEO of Primerica, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of "Real Leadership", 
Leadership Editor, Success Magazine
"This is such a fresh take on leadership - an in-the-trenches handbook from a leader who has found far more than just success in her journey. Elise inspires us to live a whole life, to make a positive difference for those we love and lead, and most importantly to enjoy the ride along the way. Authentic and compelling, you'll definitely want this one on your leadership bookshelf."

Donna Wiederkehr

CMO, Dentsu Aegis Network, Americas
"In her well-crafted, highly instructive new book, Elise Mitchell shares an intimate view of her professional journey, learnings, personal growth and transformation. Leading Through the Turn is captivating reading for would-be entrepreneurs and leaders set on reinventing their future with new found tools and perspective."

Dave Pottruck

Former CEO, Charles Schwab, 
Chairman of the Board, Hightower
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