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Named a Top Speaker to See by Huff Post

I am a seasoned public speaker, engaging and authentic on stage. My content includes inspiring stories, leadership lessons and practical takeaways based on 20-plus years of experience in both the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds.

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Most Requested Presentations

The Centered Leader: Finding the Grit Not to Quit

Now more than ever before, leaders must find new strength and a sense of inner toughness to lead at their best. This presentation focuses on how you can become a more centered leader, someone who has endurance, self-awareness, and can move forward despite the headwinds you face.  I'll share practical strategies you can implement today that will help you (and your team) find the grit not to quit tomorrow. Highlights include:

  • What it means to be a centered leader
  • Practical strategies for dealing with stress and burnout
  • How to turn off your brain's "threat mode"
  • Taming the inner critic
  • Increasing focus and taking control of what you think 
  • Becoming a more reflective leader
  • How centeredness can make you a more inspiring leader

Turning Chaos Into Clarity: Becoming a Future-Thinking Leader

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In today's uncertain business environment, you must rise above the swirl of the day-to-day to see clearly what changes are on the horizon, what the impacts will be, and most importantly what you can do now to prepare for what lies ahead. This presentation will equip you to find clarity in the midst of chaos by honing crucial future-thinking skills. Highlights include:

  • Five questions that will help you respond to your most challenging situations
  • Microsoft Word - Valerie Olbrick Bio 2019

    How to shift your team's perspective from cautious to courageous

  • Using data and insights to improve your decision-making

  • Developing an innovator's mindset
  • Creating a "culture of try" that leads to smart risk-taking
  • Moving effectively from ideas to execution

Getting Comfortable With Complexity: Strategies for Leading Through Change

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Just like that, the world is a different place. At every turn, you're facing new challenges that require new solutions. In complex times like these, leaders must help their organizations navigate the unpredictable to thrive in the unknown. This presentation offers practical strategies for leading change initiatives large and small.  Highlights include:

  • Key trends driving change today
  • Research on the challenges and benefits leaders face when leading change
  • Critical insights for overcoming resistance to change
  • Neuroscience-based strategies for gaining greater buy-in and support for change
  • Eight-step blueprint for managing change
  • How broadening your perspective can reduce complexity
  •  Five questions to guide change planning
  • Practical ways to inspire your team to see opportunity in change

Speaking Experience

Depth and breadth of experience


My content works well with leaders from any industry. I have spoken to leaders in: retail, finance, professional services, government, energy, tech, food, higher ed, start-ups and small/mid-size businesses, associations, marketing and communications

Audience Size

Typical keynote audiences range from 200 - 2,000

Target Audience

My content is best suited for mid- to senior-level leaders, C-suite executives, owners and entrepreneurs.


I am centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm fully vaccinated/boosted and am comfortable traveling anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. I have spoken in 13 countries around the world.

Virtual Presentations

I work easily on a wide variety of virtual presentation platforms. I have extensive experience with: Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, Webinar Jam and On24.

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Elise Mitchell's Bio

Elise is a three-time founder, business consultant and coach. She is the founder and former CEO of Mitchell Communications Group, which was one of the top 10 fastest-growing public relations firms globally and a two-time Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing company.

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