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Invest In Your Leaders

Leaders today must display a daunting array of skills. From setting inspiring goals to making difficult decisions and empowering others.

Investing in your leaders is critical to your organization's success.

Equip Your Team

What does it mean to be a leader today?
The amount of change we are experiencing is unprecedented. Leaders have hard jobs that keep changing. 
Opportunity will favor those who can lead through complexity and find new ways forward.

I'm a seasoned trainer, facilitator and speaker. I equip leaders for the journey ahead with critical leadership skills, the power of neuroscience and proven business strategies.

Find out more about how I can inspire and equip your team to achieve more. 

Experiences That Empower

I offer transformative experiences that will empower your leaders to lead at their best. 

  • Leadership retreats
  • Leadership skills workshops
  • Peer advisory groups
  • Women's leadership forums
  • High-potential programs

Unique, Research-Based Content  

All my curriculum is original, research-based and designed to address the biggest challenges leaders face today. 

     Most Requested Programs

  • Leading Through Change in a High-Velocity World
  • The "It" Factor: Game-Changing Skills of the Most Successful Leaders
  • Velocity Leadership: Seven Competencies of High-Performing Leaders
  • Think. Act. Lead. The Science Behind High-Performance Leadership
  • Leading Teams to Breakthrough Performance

"If I had to choose between a conference or an Elise Mitchell leadership experience, I would choose hers every time. The hands-on training and development I received from Elise was transformative."  

Ed P.

VP of Communications

Learn to Lead Differently

Engaging and Interactive

My curriculum challenges participants to think, act and lead differently to get better results. Every program includes engaging applications, reflection, and interactive exercises to help the learning stick. 
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