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Best Last-Minute Shopping Tip Ever: Give the Gift of Yourself

Hey everyone I have a couple of tips for you today – and I want to start with my best […]

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 5 Things You Can Do to Avoid BurnOut

How are you sleeping these days? Do you find yourself lying awake night after night processing challenges you face at […]

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VIDEO: You’ve Reached Your Destination – What Now? – Claire Bridges, Founder and Chief Spark, Now Go Create

Have you ever worked really hard to accomplish a BIG goal, and then once you got there thought: “Okay, I’m […]

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How motorcycling helped me find the right balance between success and happiness

Motorcycling is truly an out-of-body experience. I first got on the back of a motorcycle 10 years ago while vacationing […]

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My Story…and I’m Pretty Sure It’s Your Story, Too

Welcome!  After months of preparation and lots of help, I’m excited to be launching this new website and blog. I’m glad […]

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    What does it take to win as an entrepreneur?

    As a entrepreneur, you will face many different challenges throughout the course of your leadership journey. Long hours, pressure, failure, loneliness are just a few. But once you’ve tasted the freedom and rewards of entrepreneurship, it becomes an irresistible siren’s song.

    This guide details six essential qualities of successful entrepreneurs and how embracing those qualities can help you drive your business forward.


    Are you living with purpose?

    Or do you wonder if what you do matters? When we are purpose-driven, we find greater joy in our work, even when it’s hard. Our purpose fuels us for the journey, no matter what obstacles, crossroads or detours we face. Ultimately, purpose can help us find a higher calling for our leadership.

    This guide will help you gain clarity about your purpose and the kind of life you want to lead. Two practical exercises take you through a very personal thought process, enabling you to write your own Purpose Statement.


    Discover how you can live a richer, fuller life.

    After too many years of focusing only on the destination, I’ve discovered a new way to live and lead. It starts with a journey mindset, and that has made all the difference. In this guide, I share seven proven practices that will inspire you to:

    • Accelerate toward your goals while being fully present on the journey
    • Reach the higher calling of leadership – and of course
    • Enjoy the ride

    We live in a rapidly changing world.

    The pace of change has never been greater, and its impact on organizations never more significant. As a leader, it’s your job to manage through change and leverage the opportunities change can present.

    This guide is a roadmap with five questions to help you and your team navigate the challenges you’re facing and develop a game plan for moving forward. It also includes a worksheet to chart your answers.

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