"No matter where you are on your leadership journey, you’ll want to read Leading Through the Turn."

- John C. Maxwell


Lead at your best

Make the journey matter as
much as the destination

Reach the destinations that
matter most to you

In my new book, Leading Through the Turn, I tell the story of becoming a destination leader with a journey mindset and how it completely transformed my whole approach to leadership and life. I share dozens of hard-won lessons for achieving success and finding significance, interviews with well-known leaders, and stories from my motorcycling adventures that will inspire you to:

  • Accelerate toward your goals while being fully present on the journey
  • Make crossroads decisions with confidence
  • Maneuver through detours that can derail your career
  • Become a more selfless leader who creates opportunities for others
  • Deal with uncertainty, becoming nimble and more adaptive to change
  • Make time work for you instead of you working all the time
  • Develop stronger relationships with those you love
  • Overcome your fears and be a courageous leader
  • Dare to be yourself Reach the higher calling of leadership — and of course
  • Enjoy the ride.

Searching for a better way to lead? Join me.


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  • “No matter where you are on your leadership journey, you’ll want to read Leading Through the Turn. Elise’s story is both inspiring and thought-provoking. She walks us step by step through her own evolution as a leader and the many practical lessons learned along the way. Through her remarkable experiences, she has emerged with a new perspective on leadership that breaks through the shallow definitions of the past, painting a far more compelling picture of what a satisfying leadership experience looks like.”

    John C. Maxwell

    New York Times Best Selling Author

    Speaker and Leadership Expert

  • “Leadership is far more than just achieving the traditional marks of success. It’s about finding true significance in what we do. Leading Through the Turn will make you rethink your purpose and redefine your destination. Elise teaches us that the journey isn’t just a means to an end; it’s something to be savored and experienced. A must-read for every leader today.”

    John Addison

    Former Co-CEO of Primerica

    Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Real Leadership”
    Leadership Editor, Success Magazine

  • “This is such a fresh take on leadership – an in-the-trenches handbook from a leader who has found far more than just success in her journey. Elise inspires us to live a whole life, to make a positive difference for those we love and lead, and most importantly to enjoy the ride along the way. Authentic and compelling, you’ll definitely want this one on your leadership bookshelf.”

    Donna Wiederkehr

    CMO, Dentsu Aegis Network, Americas

  • “In her well-crafted, highly instructive new book, Elise Mitchell shares an intimate view of her professional journey, learnings, personal growth and transformation. Leading Through the Turn is captivating reading for would-be entrepreneurs and leaders set on reinventing their future with new found tools and perspective.”

    Dave Pottruck

    Former CEO, Charles Schwab

    Chairman of the Board, Hightower

  • “Elise Mitchell has been a pioneer throughout her career, building a successful and diverse communications agency with a refreshingly female perspective. Her business reflects Elise’s own unique ability to connect with individuals at all levels and to steer a course with equal measures of charm and determination. Her inspiring journey provides a road map from which many others will now benefit.”

    Andrew Flack

    Vice President Marketing and E-Commerce, Hilton Worldwide

  • “In Leading Through The Turn Elise Mitchell uses wonderful storytelling to describe her journey as a determined leader who not only achieved success, but also discovered passion and purpose along the way. Elise authentically shares her wisdom in such an absorbing fashion that leaders across the board will enjoy and benefit.”

    Stephen Quinn

    Former CMO, Walmart Stores Inc.

  • “While reading Leading Through the Turn, I was reminded of why I value Elise Mitchell as a colleague and friend.  Like Elise, her new book is inspiring, instructive and authentic.  No matter where you are in your professional journey, you will learn from Elise’s stories and perspectives that she includes.  As a female executive, I proactively seek out success stories of other female leaders who have navigated through the thick and thin to learn from their experience.  This book is a must-read for all finding their way who wish to learn.”

    Renee Wilson

    President, PR Council

  • “I’ve met countless entrepreneurs through the years who have built great companies. But Elise is a one-of-a-kind leader with a story to match. When we bought her agency, we knew we were getting more than just a business strategist, we were getting a leader of character and commitment who could help Dentsu realize its global aspirations. This book shares her incredible story as well as the stories of many other exceptional leaders who will inspire you to lead at your best.”

    Yuzuru Kato

    Former Executive Vice President, Member of the Board, Dentsu Inc.

    President and CEO, Video Research Ltd.

  • “I’ve worked with many experts across a variety of industries, but Elise is that rare combination of savvy business-builder, authentic leader and passionate advocate for others. In Leading Through the Turn, she shares stories from the trenches of entrepreneurship that will change your attitude about both success and significance. If you want to lead in remarkable ways, this is your roadmap.”

    John Hall

    CEO and co-founder, Influence & Co.

    Top 25 Influencers, Inc.

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    • Reach the higher calling of leadership – and of course
    • Enjoy the ride

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