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5 Inspiring TED Talks and Books for Leaders
This is a difficult time for everyone, especially leaders. You're doing all you can to help your team and your clients/customers thrive despite th...
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Achieving Peak Performance: Four Ways to Get and Stay “In Flow”
Think of a time where you were “in the zone.” Perhaps you were painting, exercising or playing music. Whatever it was, the activity was challenging...
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Get on the Balcony: 3 Ways to Turn Chaos Into Clarity and Think More Strategically
The marketplace was crowded, bustling with pedestrians, street vendors and tuk-tuks. My husband and I were trying our best to navigate the chaos of...
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Getting It Done: Three Steps to Goal-Setting Success (BONUS) 90-Day Action Plan Worksheet
I have a friend who says he doesn’t like to write, he likes to have written. The truth is, he loves to write, but not as much as he loves the satis...
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Dealing with Disappointment: 6 Ways to Move Forward After a Setback (BONUS)
“I’m sorry. We’re going a different direction.”Years later, I still remember that crossroads moment in my career with a twinge of anger and frustra...
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Read to Lead: 5 Books (and Podcasts) That Will Expand Your Thinking
The most successful leaders are lifelong learners. They don’t run from change; they see it as an opportunity to develop new skills. They don’t shri...
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Leadership Under Pressure: How to Show Courage, Cunning and Character When It Really Matters
This is Part Two in a series based on my recent trip to India. Part One shared stories of our adventures looking for tigers and the powerful leader...
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How to Create a Personal Board of Directors and Accelerate Your Career
The meeting was over, and I returned to my office feeling extremely satisfied with the results. Then I heard a knock on the door and looked up to s...
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