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Category: Leading Through Change
Three Business Trends Leaders Can Leverage in 2021
2020 was a year like none other, forever changing how we live and work. But with disruption also comes opportunity.  Here are t...
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3 Strategies for Dealing with the Uncomfortable Parts of Leadership
My husband and I took a two-week motorcycle trip out west in August.  With plenty of seat time to think, I discovered four unex...
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What's Going on Out There? How to Use Sensemaking to See What's Coming and Make Sound Decisions
I love puzzles. There's something very rewarding about sorting through a pile of pieces, spotting patterns, making matches and putting it all toget...
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Leading with Candor: Three Ways High-Performing Teams Say What Needs to Be Said
“I don’t want to offend them.” I’ve heard this rationale many times from leaders who were unwilling to be candid with others. Perhaps you’ve though...
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How to Create a Personal Board of Directors and Accelerate Your Career
The meeting was over, and I returned to my office feeling extremely satisfied with the results. Then I heard a knock on the door and looked up to s...
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The Authentic Leader's Toolkit: 5 Ways to Cultivate Greater Authenticity in Your Daily Leadership
Do you know someone at work who comes across as a fake? One of the worst mistakes you can make as a leader is trying to be something you’re not. A...
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7 Inspiring TED Talks You've Probably Never Heard
Looking for a little inspiration?If you’re like most busy leaders, you’d love something to kick-start your thinking or give you a fresh perspective...
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3 Ways You Can Find Opportunity in the Midst of Change
Every leader I talk with these days is leading through some kind of change. I suspect you are, too.Maybe you’re in an industry that’s being disrupt...
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