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Creating a Culture of Try: 4 Ways to Encourage Creativity and Get Better Ideas from Yourself and Others
Thinking creatively and fostering creativity in others is no longer an optional skill for leaders. It’s not just something we need if we are in cer...
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Achieving Peak Performance: Four Ways to Get and Stay “In Flow”
Think of a time where you were “in the zone.” Perhaps you were painting, exercising or playing music. Whatever it was, the activity was challenging...
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Get on the Balcony: 3 Ways to Turn Chaos Into Clarity and Think More Strategically
The marketplace was crowded, bustling with pedestrians, street vendors and tuk-tuks. My husband and I were trying our best to navigate the chaos of...
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What to Say When You Don’t Know and How to Gain Confidence Through Your Search for Answers
“We have this problem. What are we going to do?” You’ve probably been asked this question a thousand times by a teammate, an executive, or a custom...
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Getting It Done: Three Steps to Goal-Setting Success (BONUS) 90-Day Action Plan Worksheet
I have a friend who says he doesn’t like to write, he likes to have written. The truth is, he loves to write, but not as much as he loves the satis...
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Dealing with Disappointment: 6 Ways to Move Forward After a Setback (BONUS)
“I’m sorry. We’re going a different direction.”Years later, I still remember that crossroads moment in my career with a twinge of anger and frustra...
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Career vs Family? 6 Ways to Make Your Most Important Relationships Last
I’m crazy about my kids. Our daughter, Mackenzie, and son, Jackson are both starting their final year of school and busy planning their futures. My...
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Read to Lead: 5 Books (and Podcasts) That Will Expand Your Thinking
The most successful leaders are lifelong learners. They don’t run from change; they see it as an opportunity to develop new skills. They don’t shri...
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