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How Successful Entrepreneurs Navigate The Journey
The journey matters as much as the destination.Well-intentioned people like to drop this pearl of wisdom on entrepreneurs who are single-minded in ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Leading and Living with Purpose
"The journey matters as much as the destination."   Well-intentioned people like to remind those of us who are driven souls a...
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Five Questions for Navigating Through Change
Regardless of how you feel about change, it’s going to happen. Life will always throw you uncertainty and upheaval. The real question is what are y...
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Are You Powered by Purpose?
Are you living with purpose?I think a lot of us ask this question wondering if what we do really matters and if it’s changing the world for better....
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The Secret to Achieving Early Success - and Appreciating It
Meet my friend Rachel Bell – wife, mom and successful entrepreneur. She founded her company, Shine, in the UK in 1998 (about the same time I start...
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Facing Your Fears: Overcoming What Scares You Most
“Are you fearless?”A reporter once asked me that question. How I wish I could have answered her with a bold swagger and a confident yes.But despite...
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My Dear Mackenzie, Always Believe You Can - #InternationalWomensDay
Dear Mackenzie:“If you fumble raising your children, nothing else you do in life matters very much.” I happened upon this quote during a particular...
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Stepping Up in Leadership: What You Need to Know to Succeed as Your Career Expands
The night before my first day in my very first leadership position, my stomach was in knots. I tried to convince myself that the knots were because...
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