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Last Crop in Fallsville: A Lesson of Love and Compassion
Like you, I’ve been inspired by the many kindnesses shown to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Neighbor helping neighbor.But it shouldn’t take a ...
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3 Ways You Can Find Opportunity in the Midst of Change
Every leader I talk with these days is leading through some kind of change. I suspect you are, too.Maybe you’re in an industry that’s being disrupt...
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How to Make the Toughest Calls of Leadership [BONUS]
The buck stops here. How true. President Truman knew it. And all great leaders embrace it. We can (and should) empower others to make decisions whe...
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4 Ways to Achieve Greater Work-Life Balance and Become a Happier, Better Leader [BONUS]
One aspect of leadership I am asked about more frequently than almost any other – by both men and women – is work-life balance. That elusive, somet...
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How to Be a More Agile Leader and Have Greater Success in Uncertain Times
We live in an increasingly disrupted world. Thanks to powerful forces such as technology, analytics, globalization and social media, nothing stays ...
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5 Ways Hobbies Can Help You Live and Lead at Your Best
What are your hobbies?You can tell a lot about a leader by the way they answer that question.If you’d asked me a few years ago what my hobbies were...
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How to Go From "I'm Overwhelmed" to "I've Got This"
Your car wouldn’t start this morning. You’re behind on finishing the report that’s due tomorrow. Your boss just called an urgent meeting for late t...
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Mastering the Art of Delegation: Five Steps for Letting Go and Empowering Others
The idea of delegation goes back forever.As communities formed, tasks were delegated based on skills and experiences that would best help the group...
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